Tell A Tale Workshop

Become an Insider with Culture Pass Through Mathafek!

Date: 25 January 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 11 AM – 1 PM
Moderator: Fahad Al Obaidly
Location: MATHAF
Number of Participants: 30 members

In this workshop, Culture Pass members get to dig deep into the true meaning of an artwork at one of the galleries in MATHAF. Fahad Al Obaidly will start with an introduction of the art pieces but leave most of the information about the art piece to come from the members as a group. The members will be divided into two groups of 15, each group will come up with the inspiration of their chosen art piece, medium, and the message the artist was trying to convey (up to 100 words). Then the group effort will be presented.

The tour is exclusive to our Culture Pass Members only. Please RSVP by sending your name and membership number to


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