Public Art Talks: Nazgol Ansarinia, Rashid Johnson, Ernesto Neto, and Suki Seokyeong Kang in conversation

Date: Monday, 9 December 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Fire Station, Cinema




Continuing the series ‘Public Art Talks’, please join artists Nazgol Ansarinia, Rashid Johnson, Ernesto Neto, and Suki Seokyeong Kang for a conversation on their practice and art in the public realm, moderated by Curator Tom Eccles. The event is introduced by Abdulrahman Al Ishaq, Head of Public Art, Qatar Museums.


Nazgol Ansarinia has a practice that poetically investigates the everyday. Her work seeks out the most mundane aspects of life in her home city of Tehran, isolating and reassembling found objects to highlight their evocative dimensions. The artist's background in design informs her practice, which employs a variety of media such as video, sculpture and drawing.


Rashid Johnson has a multidisciplinary practice that incorporates diverse materials rich with symbolism and personal history. Johnson embeds a range of everyday materials and objects in his work that are often associated with his childhood and collective aspects of African American intellectual history and cultural identity.


Ernesto Neto explores constructions of social space and the natural world by inviting physical interaction and sensory experience. Neto incorporates organic shapes and materials such as spices, sand and shells in his work to renegotiate boundaries between the organic and manmade, the natural, spiritual and social worlds.


Suki Seokyeong Kang works in sculpture, video and performance installations. Her sculptural objects in powder coated steel and wood are softened by fluid textiles and fabrics that are draped or tied on the static structures. Kang’s work explores systems of movement and rhythmic practices, often looking to personal stories and South Korean histories of dance or music.