Learning to Play

Every child deserves the opportunity to develop and fulfil their individual potential.

Qatar children’s museum provides cutting-edge child developmental settings and resources to help children and their families thrive.

We support all children, including those with special education needs and disabilities, to learn through play, have fun and bond with family and friends, while nurturing them to be the future leaders and caretakers of qatar, supporting the goals of the qatar national vision 2030.


A Museum in the Making

The Qatar Children’s Museum, under development by Qatar Museums will strive to enrich the lives of our children and their families by providing an unparalleled space for learning through open-ended play, exploration and experimentation.

A variety of stimulating, interactive and accessible indoor and outdoor experiences will offer families opportunities to play and learn together. Families are the threads of our community’s fabric the tighter our weave, the stronger we are.

Although our doors are not yet open, we are already engaging our community in Qatar through programmes from family events with our allied organizations to Museum in residences in schools around Doha.

The new museum is designed to nurture, challenge and inspire our children, fueling their creativity, encouraging empathy and instilling a sense of social responsibility. We are proud to create the Qatar Children’s Museum to advance the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030 for human, social, economic and environmental development.


It is unprecedented that schools and the wonderful family friendly amenities we’ve taken for granted in Qatar are currently closed. We’re all asking  what will we do in the coming weeks confined in our homes?

The Children’s Museum is reaching out to you in solidarity at this challenging moment, when the spread of COVID-19 is forcing people to self-isolate. We are opening virtual windows into our homes, supporting you daily, with carefully curated activities to enjoy as a family.

Each day, we’ll post an invitation to play from our homes, using everyday materials. We encourage you to make us part of your daily routine and become part of our online community. We’re with you behind your screen, to support, listen, make suggestions and curate an exchange of ideas between you and other families.

Available through QM’s social media channels and suitable for both Arabic  and English speaking audiences.

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Our Approach

QCM takes a broadly constructivist approach to learning, starting from the position that each learner is unique. Learning outcomes are developed and delivered while taking into account different learning styles and differing developmental stages. Children are encouraged to go on a learning journey that is both challenging and within reach.

We take a playful approach to create a sense of delight, and use all types of play physical, pretend, dramatic, constructive, multi sensory, and social play to support children’s learning. We encourage children to be become investigators and creators, not just passive recipients of knowledge; and inspire and equip them with the skills to set and achieve their own learning journey.

We strive for the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity. We plan for maximum access for those with special needs both children and accompanying family members  and minimal separation between able bodied and differently-abled visitors.

Our mission to nurture children’s creativity, imagination, and love of learning is too important to wait until we open our doors. We feel we are needed at this time to support families and, connect people and ideas despite being physically apart.
Essa Al Mannai, Director

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