Museum of Crying Women by Francesco Vezzoli

A first in the Middle East

Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli's first exhibition in the Middle East, Museum of Crying Women, opened at QM Gallery, Katara on October 7, 2013.

Focusing on the anguish of famous female figures – including Hollywood legends, first ladies, fashion icons, and pop culture celebrities from Oum Kulthoum to Lady Gaga – it reflected the drama of divided identity.

The project asked people to identify, on a very personal level, with the characters in the portraits. Audiences were encouraged to reflect on the theme and on their own lives beyond the gallery space.

If you end up being covered by bad media, your statement has to be very strong and very universal, otherwise you risk being misunderstood.
Francesco Vezzoli

Sharing experience

Through embroidered tears and glittering needlework, the artworks questioned the authenticity of life in the spotlight and suggested that personal hardships make a person stronger.

To encourage empathy amongst the audience, we invited people to share their own struggles.

Betty Liberty Ford

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