Naskh Beginners for children

Date: Saturdays 08, 15, 22 and 29 December 2018

Time: 1:30 pm -3:30 pm

Educator: Hussein Ammar

Location: Museum of Islamic Art

Part of the MIA Education

Naskh has been known by several names during the course of history:  AlBadeaa, AlMogawar  or AlMoodawar.  It is considered one of the oldest  forms of Arabic calligraphy and is a simple and clear, taking its name from the word 'copy' because it was used when copying books. Naskh is particularly important amongst calligraphic scripts as it is the style used for many Qur'ans.  This course will introduce you to the basics of naskh script and help you begin to create words and phrases.  Although a simple looking script. This course is for beginners!