MIA School Workshops

Date: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Time: 8:30am - 10:30am (1 1/2 Hours)

Location: Museum of Islamic Art, Education Centre

Part of the MIA Education

To book, please contact us:  

For Arabic language please call: 4402 8746 – 4422 4216  

For English language please call:  4422 4416 - 4422 4216


Introduction to Weaving

Kindergarten, Early Primary (3 – 7 year olds)

Young learners will build hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills while learning to weave a paper mat. After a carpet-themed tour, students will learn the weaving technique and produce woven paper mats using MIA’s carpet collection as inspiration.


The Art of Illumination

Primary – Secondary (8 – 18 year olds)

In The Art of Illumination, students will learn how illuminators decorated literary works through a tour of MIA’s galleries and studio work. We will explore decorative motifs found in Islamic manuscripts, and produce a painting inspired by the art illumination. 


Drawing in the Galleries

Primary – Secondary, (8 – 18 year olds)

Students will learn drawing techniques through a journey of MIA’s galleries, learning to sketch from observation while embarking on a visual journey of Islamic Art. 


Geometric patterns in Islamic Art

Primary – Secondary, (8 – 18 year olds)

Students will be introduced to Islamic art through a tour in the galleries, learn the basics of geometry, explore different patterns and construct a geometric design, later painting design using a color scheme inspired by the objects. 


Out of this World – The Astrolabe at MIA

Primary – Secondary, (8 – 18 year olds)

Students will learn about the structure and function of each part of the astrolabe; as well as the astrolabes many uses and role in society and navigation. Students will paint, cut and stick to make their own astrolabe using watercolor.  The complexity and focus of the workshop will increase with the age of the students. 


Calligraphy Workshops

Primary – Secondary, (8 – 18 year olds)

Individual workshops are available during the morning for school groups to explore historic Naskh and Ruq'ah Arabic scripts from 9 - 11am. These sessions are a great introduction to calligraphy for students already secure in writing skills.