Operational and Administrative

Business Development Coordinator

Department/Museum: IN-Q Enterprises

Section/Unit: Business Development

Location: Headquarters

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • The intern will be engaged in various meetings between the stake holders in a great number of projects, learning about the process “looking for F&B operator to executing the contract”. The intern will participate in the creative process of brainstorming ideas as well as learning about the project management.

Period of Internship/Hours: 3-5 hrs per day, 2-3 days a week, between September 1-December 31, but flexible in terms of number of weeks.
The internship might include visiting sites and flexibility is highly valuable.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University students/ recent graduates


Department/Museum: IN-Q Enterprises

Section/Unit: Accounting Section

Location: QM-Tower ½

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • The intern will take part of coordinating the inventory closing of the retail and merchandising. The intern will have to prepare reports showing the progress of the inventory closing and learn about the basics of reports creation and project coordination/management

Period of Internship/Hours: 3-5 days a week, 5-7 hours a day starting from 1st of August until the end of October/November.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University students majoring in Business Administration, preferably, Carnegie Mellon University

Follow up Coordinator

Department/Museum: CEO Office

Section/Unit: Follow up & Archiving Unit

Location: 13th Floor, QM Tower I

Brief description of the work to be conducted

The work that will be conducted by the intern will include the following aspects:

  • Ensure that every assigned task within the CEO office is systematically recorded and followed through to completion, within the timeframe set
  • Following up on those assigned the task or action ensuring that they meet the deadlines
  • Keep track of progress of every task within the business, being in direct contact with staff regularly and consistently for updates
  • Provide an effective monitoring system to monitor the progress of tasks and actions
  • It is essential that the failure and non-compliance be drawn attention to urgently and acted on to ensure that there are no delays or issues
  • Follow up with staff on a daily basis for updates and provide a weekly updated report to the CEO portraying the areas that aren’t being attended to, enabling the CEO to interfere if necessary.
  • Follow the policies and confidentiality dictations to safeguard data and information
  • Ensuring that all new documents and paperwork are filed and logged properly in the system and are easily accessible by all CEO’s office team
  • Maintain a log of all outgoing files to ensure documents are returned in time and returned in the designated file.
  • Review all incoming material and classifying the information logically on the basis of use, content, purpose, significance, etc.
  • Handling all enquires and requests related to paperwork or documents for both internal and external departments and respond to enquires both verbally and in writing.

Period of Internship/Hours: 3-5 hours per day, 5 days a week, between 1st of September to 31st December, but flexible in terms of number of weeks.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University student or recent graduate with administrative background. Should be able to speak and write both English and Arabic.

Reservation Coordinator intern, or
Services Coordinator intern, or
Housing Coordinator intern

Department/Museum: General Services Department

Section/Unit: Reservations department

Location: 7th floor building 1

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • To collaborate with the different sections in the services department, from booking hotels and air plane tickets, to the store house, government housing and government relations.

Period of Internship/Hours: 3 months / 5 hours a day

Qualifications/ Requirements: Pre- graduate student with flexibility to adapt with different atmospheres, as well as bilingual

Strategy and Quality Assurance

Department/Museum: Strategy & QA Department

Section/Unit: Strategy and Planning

Location: QM Tower 1

Brief description of the work to be conducted

The intern will assist the SP section with the following:

  • Quality Assurance reporting
  • Strategy planning: programs, projects follow up
  • Governance audit.
  • Analytical and strategic thing on different issues, form governance to internal communications.

This is not a shadowing internship but a full time, hands on internship.

Period of Internship/Hours: 7 hours per day, Sunday to Thursday , fully commited

Qualifications/ Requirements: University students or recent graduates from the field of politics, public administration, international relations, public management or other social sciences.

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