Illustration and graphic design

Exhibition Designer

Department/Museum: Exhibitions

Section/Unit: Exhibitions Management

Location: Tower 2, 11th floor

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • Working with exhibition Management section to assist and learn on the planning, execution and operational aspects of temporary exhibition programs.

Period of Internship/Hours: 3 to 4 days , full time or 5 hours

Qualifications/ Requirements: University Students and fresh Graduate on Graphic and exhibition designs

Publication Design Internship

Department/Museum: Publications

Section/Unit: Design Section

Location: QM Tower 2

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • The intern will work on design layouts for gallery guides and books and see them to production. He/She will learn to design with various branding guidelines, and prepare files for printing. The intern will also photograph QM publications in an artistic manner to be published in QM publications catalogue, and to be shared on social media platforms.

Period of Internship/Hours: 3–5 hrs per day, 2–3 days a week, between September 1 – December 31.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University student majoring in Graphic Design, or recent graduates. Photography skills are highly desirable.

Designer Intern

Department/Museum: Marketing and PR Department

Section/Unit: Creative section

Location: Tower 2 – 13 Floor

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • Assist in designing flyers -posters Learning brand development

Period of Internship/Hours: 120 – hours - 120 hours - 5 hours per day, 2-3 days a week, between September 1-December 31, but flexible in terms of number of weeks.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University – Graphic Designer Studies in graphic designer and/or advertising

Graphic Designer

Department/Museum: Division of Cultural Heritage

Section/Unit: CCHO Office

Location: Tower 2, 11th floor

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • Design of a series of explanatory signs and the DoCH Newsletter.
  • The Division of Cultural Heritage is in the process to install explanatory signs on archaeological sites and heritage structures. The task will concentrate on designing panels using texts, describing sites, buildings or historical events in English and Arabic and accompanying images and graphics.

Period of Internship/Hours: 80 Hours

Qualifications/ Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop…) University students majoring in Art History or Graphic Design, or recent graduates. If possible, English/Arabic speaker

Learning strategies / design assistant

Department/Museum: Mathaf, Learning and Outreach

Section/Unit: Academic Programs

Location: Mathaf

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • The intern will be engaged in the process of developing a variety of learning materials connected to Mathaf collections and exhibitions. The intern will participate in the creative process of brainstorming ideas for knowledge production and learn how to connect them to the content of the exhibitions and school curricula. The interns will be helping in designing new museum learning strategies for youth and adults as well. They will conduct research, or be engaged with the illustrations and design, depending on skills and interests. The interns will also participate in the preparation and organization of Academic events such as Schools and University visits, Academic Talks and Workshops, etc.

Period of Internship/Hours: 15 hours per week, schedule is flexible, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Qualifications/ Requirements: University students majoring in Design and/or Graphic Design

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