Education and content development

Content Internship

Department/Museum: Exhibitions

Section/Unit: Content

Location: Tower 2, 11th floor

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • Working with exhibition Content section to assist to proof read exhibitions labels, wall texts and liaise with other QM departments such as Marketing and communications. Assist in exhibition translations documentations and education program

Period of Internship/Hours: 3 to 4 days , full time or 5 hours

Qualifications/ Requirements: University Students and fresh Graduate on communications, Art and museums.

Children’s Museum Internship

Department/Museum: Children’s Museum

Section/Unit: Cross-departmental

Location: QM Tower 2

Brief description of the work to be conducted

Children’s Museum

Cross-departmental – Learning & Outreach, Design & Interpretation, Curatorial & Collections

The projects that the student might expect to be engaged in could include several of the following:

  • Content research for specific exhibit concepts
  • Programme and resource development and delivery for children and families
  • Research and development focused on accessibilility
  • Audience Development
  • Collections research
  • Visitor consultation and tracking

Internship will be tailored to the candidate’s interests as well as the current projects of the museum.

Period of Internship/Hours: Up to three months – 1-2 days per week

Qualifications/ Requirements: We are looking for somebody that has a keen interest in outcomes for children and families. Qualifications might include Design, Museum and Gallery Practice, Education, Engineering, History, but we are open to applications from other educational backgrounds.

Education Internship
(2 Positions)

Department/Museum: Department of Education

Section/Unit: Education Content Development

Location: QM Tower 2

Brief description of the work to be conducted

  • The intern will be engaged in the process of developing a variety of learning materials connected to QM’s collections and exhibitions, learning about basics of informal education, as well as special topics in art and culture connected to the current projects.
  • The intern will participate in the creative process of brainstorming ideas for the learning materials; learn how to connect them to the content of the exhibitions and school curricula. They will conduct research, or be engaged with the illustrations and design, depending on skills and interests.

Period of Internship/Hours: Fall 2019 (September-December), flexible in terms of number of weeks

Qualifications/ Requirements: University students majoring in Art History or Graphic Design

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