Conservation and Architecture

Buildings conservation Internship

Department/Museum:    Department of Architectural Conservation
Section/Unit:    Architectural Conservation Section
Location:    QM Tower 2
Brief description of the work to be conducted  

The intern will be engaged in the process of developing the skills and sense of understanding of the archaeological old buildings and Its structural design and better understanding of traditional materials used and how they operate, in a manner that aims to diagnosis of structural and architectural deterioration in a correct way, and prepare the necessary architectural plans explaining the manifestations of deterioration and damage in order to and develop the necessary operational plans for the restoration and conservation projects.

Period of Internship/Hours:    3-4 hrs/ day, 2-3 days a week, between May 1-August 31, but flexible in terms of number of weeks.
Qualifications/ Requirements:    University students majoring in Architect, or recent graduates


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