Conservation and Architecture

Conservation Intern

Department/Museum:    MIA Conservation
Section/Unit:    Paper, Textiles, Stone, Wood, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Preventive Conservation
Location:    Museum of Islamic Art
Brief description of the work to be conducted  

  • Planning and Recording
  • Analysis and basic scientific research according to the needs of MIA within MIA, or in collaboration with an external institution.
  • Object treatment
  • Collections Care

The exact project is to be modified to the interests of the Intern
Period of Internship/Hours:    1-3 months/ QM working hours
Qualifications/ Requirements:    Students and young professionals, Final years and onwards of BA in Conservation or equivalent


Assistance Museums Collections

Department/Museum:    QOSM Collections Department
Section/Unit:    Collection Storage Collection Database Object Photography
Location:    QM Tower2 , QM Storage Al Wajba, QM Storage LVQ
Brief description of the work to be conducted    

The intern will assist the QOSM Collections Team in:

  • Preparing collections inventories
  • Cataloging objects in the museums database EMU
  • Object photography

The intern should be willing to work in different locations, working standing and carrying equipment.
Period of Internship/Hours:    4 weeks, 3-5 days/weeks, min. 5h/day
Qualifications/ Requirements:    University Students graduated or majoring in: Museums Studies, History, Art History, Library Studies, Sport science, Logistics with an interest in the work schedule of a Museums storage / collection.


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