Family & Schools Programmes

Playful Learning

Our Family & Schools Programmes develop and deliver hands-on creative experiences for children and their families. We believe in offering experiences with value and depth. That’s why our programmes bring children together with a range of professionals, including scientists, artists, museum curators and educators, wildlife conservators, authors and illustrators, to provide real-life challenges and experiences that connect them with the world around them.

Our programmes are delivered to venues throughout Qatar, including schools, hospitals and community centres. We take museums beyond the four walls.

We aspire to enrich the lives of children and their families and to become an integral part of Qatar’s cultural and educational communities. We offer innovative art explorations, science experiments, original master-classes and inspiring storytelling sessions, with an objective to strengthen family bonds, develop children’s creativity, build their confidence and improve their communication skills.

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Engaging children and families in Qatar

We listen to our audiences and respond to their needs. By incorporating their ideas and feedback into our development, we ensure that our projects respect and celebrate Qatari culture and reflect diversity.

Our programmes are an exchange of ideas. Children and families bring their own creativity and experiences to the learning process.


"The ideas proposed here are really nice. They would satisfy all their needs and stimulate their brains. Activities that engage their brains, their hands, their senses…These activities will develop their talents and bring them out."
Qatari Mother

Al Nuwaat

Al Nuwaat programmes bring families together through creative activities and shared experiences.

Past projects

  • Makers Event
  • Handa's Surprise
  • What's in the Sand?


Al Halaka

Al Halaka programmes inspire change in institutional practices through creative strategies.

Past projects

  • Creative Literacy Project
  • Artistic Approach in the Classroom
  • Sugar Project
  • Hamad Hospital Mural Project

Al Ma’mal

Intense programmes that allow children and experts to work together on real-world assignments.

Previous project

  • My Museum
"We work with our audiences and organisations to design programmes together, in order to ensure accessibility is built in from the beginning."
Museum Educator

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