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Unveiling stories through Vezzoli

In Vezzoli’s Museum of Crying Women exhibition at QM Gallery Katara, the artist hints at the painful private lives that lie behind iconic female figures. He suggests that personal hardships have made them stronger. Elizabeth Taylor – one of the subjects – lived through 8 marriages, 50 movies, and 100 operations for various health conditions. Betty Ford, another, lived through cancer, alcoholism and drug addiction, and Oum Kalthoum’s love of music masked a broken heart.

To encourage empathy and real connection amongst the audience, we invited people to share their own struggles. The winner, voted for by the public, was Zareen Akhtar. She received a personal portrait created by Vezzoli himself. 

We thank everybody for entering, and hope you have continued to explore emotions through creative writing.

I love people who have many stories to tell
Francesco Vezzoli
The winning entry
The winning entry

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