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Our numerous programmes are designed for families, university students and adults.

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Education at Qatar Museums
"We're committed to preserving our cultural and artistic heritage through the effective use of knowledge, experience and creativity"
H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa, QM Chairperson

All of our education programmes provide interactive opportunities. We hope that they create lasting memories and lead to the development of creative, compassionate and engaged individuals.

For school teachers and educators, we bring custom-made workshops, conferences and trainings to suit their needs. We also focus on working with children to encourage them to explore the world around them, engage with it, and express themselves through creative activities.

All of our activities align with Qatar Supreme Educational Council Professional Standards for Teachers and National Curriculum Standards.


Knowledge in Action

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MIA Education

MIA is an education centre for visitors of all ages, as well as teachers wanting to further develop their careers.

Mathaf Education

Mathaf offer ongoing learning opportunities for children, students, families and adults, drawing inspiration from modern and contemporary art.

Cultural Heritage Education

We bring the rich history of Qatar to life by providing students and teachers with the opportunity to visit heritage sites and experience the work of archaeologists.

National Museum

The National Museum of Qatar has ongoing outreach programmes offering creative workshops in schools created and presented by professional educators.

3-2-1 QOSM Education

The future museum is investing in new educational initiatives, and already has different programmes running.

Years of Culture Education

Learn new things and get creative in an informal cross-cultural setting, while discovering the culture of another nation, our differences and similarities.

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