Ebru with Humoud Al Hajri (PM)

Date: 25 February - 1 March

Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Museum of Islamic Art, Education Centre

Part of the MIA Education

Adults (16+)

The exquisite art of Ebru is the delicate process of drawing on water!  Homuod Al Hajri , a Visiting Artist from Kuwait, will teach you how to prepare the water, identify and use the many tools such as horse hair brushes and wooden sticks, appreciate the types of paper needed for quick absorption and adhesion of  the colour, and what the best basin to work with.   At the end of the course after experimenting with colours, consistency and dispersal patterns, use some of your work to create a unique object to take home.   

The artist will be speaking in Arabic but translation will be provided by MIA Staff. 

This course is being run twice during the week, please only register for one to allow the maximum number of people to participate.