cricket contemporary photography


1.Entries are open to Qatar citizens and Qatar residents with a valid residence permit.

2.Joint entries from two or more applicants are allowed.

3.There is no fee for entering.

4.Closing date: 31 March 2019

When an image has been significantly digitally manipulated (beyond the usual exposure controls, sharpening and minor retouching) this must be stated in the caption.

5.Each entrant may submit up to 10 images or works and 1 video. A photobook or story shall be counted as one work. Each photograph may only be entered once.

6.Photographs must not contain the name of the photographer or any other visible labelling in the image.

7.All information provided with the entries must be true and accurate; otherwise the application may be withdrawn. 

8.All photographs will be credited to the photographer when used in connection with future Exhibitions.

9.By submitting entries you agree that Qatar Museums may copy, print and exhibit the works, in any form, in the future Exhibitions and its related outputs, including the catalogue, publicity and social media, which may take place in multiple venues and at different times. You also agree that Qatar Museums may grant the same permissions to third parties in connection with the future Exhibitions and that Qatar Museums may keep a copy of your entries for administrative, educational and archival purposes.

10.You warrant that the photographs entered by you are your own original work; that all necessary permissions to photograph and exhibit the subjects depicted have been obtained; that neither the taking of the photographs, their Exhibition or reproduction has or will violate any local or international law, ethical or religious standard; that the photographs contain no threatening, defamatory, obscene or inflammatory content; and that the photographs do not infringe any right to privacy, copyright, trademark or other rights of any third person or entity.

11.You agree to indemnify Qatar Museums and its employees and representative against any and all loss, liability and damage resulting from your breach of any of the terms and conditions.

12.Qatar Museums reserves the right to refuse or exclude any entry at its own discretion at any time.

13.The successful applicants will NOT be paid for having their works exhibited in the future exhibitions.

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