Constellation of al-Dali (The Well Bucket) / Aquarius

Constellation of al-Dali (The Well Bucket) / Aquarius

Folio from the Kitab Suwar al-Kawakib (Book of Fixed Stars)

Iraq, Baghdad, ca. 1125 CE

Museum of Islamic Art, MS.2.1998

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20 June 2020

Exploring Ai Weiwei's Laundromat on World Refugee Day

In honor of World Refugee Day, we take a look back at two of our exhibitions, Ai Weiwei's Laundromat and Syria Matters, that recognized the resilience, courage and patience of millions of refugees displaced worldwide.  

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18 June 2020

Preserving heritage: The art of finding a nation’s voice

Abdullatif Al Jasmi, the Director of Cultural Heritage Protection at Qatar Museums, reflects on the the different elements of perserving heritage in Qatar. 

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25 June 2020

Summer Fun with Qatar Museums

There are a whole lot of exciting activities planned for all members of the family.

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