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We inspire change in institutional practices through creative strategies. Past projects include:

Creative Stories from the Classroom

For 10 weeks spanning February-March 2015, we took 26 Qatari boys (ages 9-10) on a storytelling adventure. Over the course of this intensive project the boys had opportunities to hear stories from a variety of Qatari storytellers young and old, learn techniques in character and plot development, try their hands at illustration, and tell their stories out loud with dramatic interpretation.

The project resulted in final compilation of stories titled “Creative Stories from the Classroom” which was a result of the boys’ imaginations and their new skills. Each story in the book is told using inspiration from familiar objects and places in Qatar and are from the minds and hearts of the boys, unedited or altered to represent their voice and ideas.

The project was a successful partnership with Children’s Literature Center (CLC) and Omar Bin AlKhattab Primary Boys School.  


Artistic Approach in the Classroom

Between November 2014 and February 2015 a group of 22 year four students explored the preservation of Qatar’s animals as well as new art techniques and mediums, while investigating a variety of endangered species. They visited Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation to learn more about preservation efforts from experts in the field. 

In addition to multiple individual artworks, the students created a large collaborative artwork, titled Fragile, which they hope will inspire others to get involved in protecting Qatar’s nature and exploring creative practices in their everyday lives.

The creative process of the project was compiled into a resource for institutions to use as inspiration for child-led learning, The Artistic Approach in the Classroom. This project was a partnership with Doha College and the artist, illustrator and educator Charlene Kasdorf.


Sugar Project

120 students critically looked at the effects of sugar through drama, art, movement, and cooking.  Each group worked on a unique project, which included: creative anti-sugar advertisement film making; a collaborative art piece made out of the average amount of sugar a child eats in a year; the science of movement through kids’ yoga and dramatic games; and healthy sweet alternatives where students created and tasted artful fruity recipes. 

A final exhibition of the various projects was displayed at QIS and featured the Sugar art instillation, films, photographs, and healthy treats from various stages of the project.


Hamad Hospital Mural Project - Desert Landscape

Taking inspiration from Qatar’s natural environment and cultural heritage, children at Hamad General Hospital designed a mural for the Paediatric Ward. The children produced hundreds of drawings of animals, plants, architecture and landscape. They created these drawings with visiting friends and family, sitting in the wards, or from their hospital bed. The images were combined to create a unique desert composition.

The project foregrounded children’s ideas and imaginative capacities, specifically, children staying on the wards in the hospital. The main aim was to give children a voice through creativity and agency in affecting their environment, at a time when they were particularly restricted.

The project, was led by artists Abdelazim Mahgoub Elhussein Hamed, Emelina Soares and was delivered in partnership with UCL Qatar.


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