In Conversation

In this series of intimate interviews, you hear directly from members of our staff, partners, local artists and collaborators, who share a passion for arts, heritage and creativity. We capture their personalities by asking them to talk candidly about their roles, backgrounds, current cultural projects and future endeavours. People reveal their motivations, interests, and the legacies they hope to leave. Dive into the following pages to meet our figureheads and friends.

Dasha is an internationally known art enthusiast quickly establishing a contemporary art scene in Moscow.

Dasha Zhukova

Shirin is a world-renowned visual artist whose photographs and films offer a glimpse of cultural, religious and political realities.

Shirin Neshat

Hana is a fine arts student at VCU. Read about her passionate approach to art

Hana Al Saadi

Hatem is an archaeologist excavating in the heart of Doha

Hatem Arrok

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