A Company Collects Art: Art at Work — Decoration or a Sustainable Concern?

Date: Saturdays, till 20 January, 2018

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm

Location: Fire Station – Garage Gallery




Creativity is a source of innovation and progress. For over 35 years, Deutsche Bank has therefore enabled worldwide access to art with its collection. Art at work: From the very beginning, artworks were shown in Deutsche Bank’s branches, conference rooms, and offices as “cultural capital” accessible not only to the bank’s employees, but also to the general public. A tour of the exhibition enables you to make a voyage of discovery through the German art landscape and to exchange ideas about the focal points of the corporate collection, which is continued at more than 900 of the bank’s branches around the world. Learn more about Deutsche Bank’s commitment to art as a sustainable contribution to the development of society.