Collections documentation and management

Planning Engineer

Department/Museum:    Facilities Management Department/ Planning & Sustainability Engineer Section
Section/Unit:    Planning & Sustainability Section
Location:    NMOQ / MIA / Wajba / Fire-station / Auxiliary
Brief description of the work to be conducted  

The internship Plan, Eng. Is expected to familize him/her in the following area:
• Familiarity of project’s concept and its planning techniques 
• Project Management tools and techniques.
• Learn how to budget, manage and control departmental budget and plan its expenditures.
• Understanding of general industry’s concepts and standards like SFG20, BICS, etc.
• How to account for time and cost risk contingency within the running contracts and newly prepared scope of services.
• Understanding of sustainability concept and its main pillars. Be familiar with the concepts and approach used by FMD currently (following industry’s best practices) to optimize the facilities operations which includes utilities bills, building comfort, waste management, etc.
• Minimizing of generated waste and utilization of existing waste in recycling projects where possible. 
• Understanding of sustainability award systems (mainly GSAS and LEED), what are the requirements and what has to be completed in order to complete it.
• Understanding of tenders and qualifications process.
• Be familiar in how to generate illustrative high-level reports in set frequencies.
• Being familiar with financial planning, monitoring/control and reporting of the departmental budget and report accordingly.
• Being Familiar with spare-parts cycle budgeting and its approvals accordingly.

Period of Internship/Hours:    6 months = 7hrs/day times 120 days = 840 hours • Flexible timing per week except no nightshift
Qualifications/ Requirements:    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Mechanical/Electrical/Industrial)


Registration of Archaeological Objects Internship

Department/Museum:    Division of Cultural Heritage/Archaeology Department
Section/Unit:    Collection Management Section
Location:    Archaeology Storage/Fahd Bin Ali Palace
Brief description of the work to be conducted    

This placement focuses on the registration and documentation of the collection of archaeological objects discovered in Qatar. Working with the Archaeology Collection Management team, this placement offers an exciting opportunity to learn about finds dating back to different periods and to work and catalogue these fascinating objects first-hand using a state-of-the-art web application customized for the management of cultural heritage assets in Qatar. The student will learn the registration system and acquire a working methodology in dealing with diverse archaeological material from the field to the final storage.

Period of Internship/Hours:    Up to three months – 1-2 days per week
Qualifications/ Requirements:    Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student of History/Museum Studies. The placement is open to students from related disciplines and academic back grounds; however a good knowledge of English is essential, together with an interest in archaeological material.


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