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Spotlight: Shedding Light on Factual Errors


Recent posts suggest that Katara Art Center (KAC) has lost funding at the expense of Qatar Museums (QM). The truth is that KAC and QM have always been funded separately. QM is a government-sponsored entity. Private individual Mr. Tariq Al Jaidah, on the other hand, funded KAC. Despite this change in KAC management, the center will continue its activities to support artists in the community.

It is important to note that QM is part of the larger cultural fabric. It acts in partnership with many other entities. Specifically, QM has collaborated with both Katara and the Ministry of Culture to fulfill sector growth. QM does not take over creative responsibly but, instead, facilitates and supports existing bodies.

Most recently, QM invited artists in Qatar to express themselves in the Richard Serra - Creation Generation Project.

QM will also be launching The Doha Fire Station: Artists in Residence programme in the fall. The rolling nine-month programme will be open to both Qatari art enthusiasts, as well as international art enthusiasts based in Qatar, to allow for cultural exchange and dialogue. The Fire Station will include a 700 sq. m gallery and 24 studios, dedicated to endorse and encourage independent art initiatives. Read more about Doha Fire Station and how it aims to serve our community.


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