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QM CEO interviewed

24 February 2016

Qatar Museums Acting CEO, Mansour bin Ibrahim Al Mahmoud was recently interviewed by ‘Lusail’, the first edition of the newly launched economic newspaper.

The full interview in Arabic and English, can be read in Lusail News.

Commenting on museums and the non-oil economy, Mansour Al Mahmoud said “Museums act as a catalyst and motivator for the non-oil economy, and are one of the elements of economic diversity and independence from oil revenue and its volatile movement. We seek to transform Qatar into an Arab Capital of Culture”. He added that “Cultural tourists spend 63% more, compared to the ordinary tourists".  He reported that the National Museum of Qatar would re-open of the end of next year and that the Museum of Islamic Art had 350,000 visitors during the past year.

Regarding misleading news about recent acquisitions for the Qatar Museums collections, he stressed that QM is keen to acquire museum collections and artworks according to a "wise and carefully studied plan”.

He also remarked on QM’s well-planned programme of restoration of historic buildings and archaeological sites, such as Al-Zubarah and Barzan Towers. In addition he is supporting small and medium enterprises to transfer management of QM’s restaurants, gift shops and other outlets in museums to the private sector.

Read the full interview in Lusail News

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