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QM welcomes Mal Lawal Volunteers


Mal Lawal, Meaning ‘from the old days’, is a local phrase that has been chosen to be the name of a unique exhibition hosted by Qatar Museums on a bi-annual basis. In its first edition, Mal Lawal witnessed a great deal of success, with local collectors exhibiting their most precious collections. This year, Mal Lawal aims to take the audience beyond Qatar’s borders. Mal Lawal 2 will feature collections from all around the Arabian Gulf - all under one roof. 

The project represents the shared heritage and passions of the people of the Arabian Gulf - both esteemed collectors and amateur enthusiasts. It offers young people a window to the past, and allows the regions collective character to shine.


Qatar Museums recognizes the importance of having our local volunteers present at Mal Lawal 2. We aim to not just give our volunteers an opportunity to give back to their community, but also to learn more about the history of the region first hand through these amazing collections!


Do not miss your opportunity to emerge yourself in Mal Lawal  - coming this December!  Share your thoughts and Mal Lawal stories through our social media hub

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