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23 March 2016

Discover a world of tastes and fabulous gastronomic experiences at the annual Qatar International Food Festival, featuring the finest cuisine and culinary skills of many of Doha’s top chefs, as well as celebrity cookery experts from overseas. QIFF is also about entertainment, competitions, family activities, and some truly unique dining experiences!

Qatar Museums exciting programme of activities will raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and promote healthy eating will be a key feature of the Qatar International Food Festival.


MIA Cafe at QIFF

Sample some of our recipes, developed through a unique collaboration with lifestyle and food bloggers from the local community, featuring a range of healthy eating options.


Workshops for schools and families

From 24-27 March, there will a series of workshops for schools and families to help with healthy eating. 

  • Planting Your Seeds  
  • Make Your Own Smoothies: blind tests of fresh produce and smoothies
  • Edible Flowers

Children will receive certificates, take selfies with chef’s hat, and get to take home their own plant pot. 

Healthy Food Presentations

On 25 March, between 4pm and 8pm, three world-renowned experts will share dietary advice in a series of fascination presentations.

What does our body need? Let the experts talk!

Valérie Espinasse, doctor, micro-nutritionist and detox diet expert will explain how to improve health and well-being by simply changing some eating habits.

Eating simple, healthy food with Alain Ducasse

The world renowned chef will share ideas on how to balance creating great tasting food with eating well.

More information on the Qatar Food Festival at wwww.qifoodfestival.com


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