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12 January 2016 Jump to 1 comment

As a part of Tuymans' Intolerance exhibition, Qatar’s creative community were challenged to express their views of world events though art.

Luc Tuymans personally selected five artworks from hundreds of submissions, that were inspired by media-driven images of moments in history that have affected the world and how we perceive it today.

You can see the winning artworks at Qatar Museums Gallery ALRIWAQ.

Tuymans with '7 million Tyres', by Katrina Boyd, and 'Black Wave', by Michael Perrone

The Winners

Artist: Katrina Boyd
Title: 7 Million Tyres
"In the desert of Kuwait, every year, large holes are dug out of the sandy earth and filled with old tyres. There are now over seven million in the ground, lying under the relentless sun. Tyre fires are difficult to extinguish and the smoke often carries toxic chemicals from the breakdown of rubber compounds. They produce an incredible amount of smoke. This is the world’s largest tyre graveyard; an environmental disaster waiting to happen."
Artist: Michael Perrone
Title: Black Wave
"While creating this painting, I began to think of the possible titles. ‘John and James’ was my first thought. And, ‘The Knife’ seemed more direct. Then, while driving to the studio, I noticed the title of the song on my car stereo, ‘Black Wave’. Although more ambiguous than my previous thought, I liked it best because it references  both the dominant form within the painting, and it also relates conceptually to my source image – which is the black wave of Daesh, slowly seeping into our collective consciousness."
Tuymans with 'The War Against Terror?' by Mohammed Muslim
Artist: Mohammed Muslim
Title: The War Against Terror?
"9:11 was a game-changer for the United States of America. While the world knew that it had paid a price for its own international policies, the US had other plans. It used the 9:11 as an excellent excuse and marketing tool to interfere in the internal affairs of the rest of the world. The big idea was to sell its arms and ammunition to the rest of the world, especially to the Middle Eastern countries for its oil and gas. So the real question is: Is this a war against terror?"
Artist: Devi Sari
Title: Redacted Flesh
"We are constantly exposed to half-truths, or maybe even less than that. Since ancient times, stories have some kind of an agenda to fulfill, through selective information. It’s nothing new. No matter how many layers of articles you put, the fact that blood was shed still remains. You can see it bruised, ripped and torn through the bandages of white. So desensitized, so numb by the prejudice they feed you with, that all you see is a haze. So now all you do is marvel at the pretty colors, choosing to keep the veil of obliviousness." 
Tuymans with artwork by Maryam Nasser, 'Martyrs / Witnesses 2147', and 'Redacted Flesh' by Devi Sari

Artist: Maryam Nasser
Title: Martyrs / Witnesses 2147
"Inspired by the war in Gaza 2014, this painting pays its respects to the 2,147 who died in 50 days. According to a report from the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights, of the 2147, 530 were children and 302 were women. 145 Palestinian families that were in the area, lost 3 members or more from their families. On the 8th of June, the Israeli army began a raid and started a massacre in the Gaza Strip through a tirade bombing aircraft. Despite the magnitude of the tragedy, the world has not acted and been silent about the pain of people in Gaza. This painting is the embodiment of this disaster. Let us not forget the people of Palestine."

Qatar Museums would like to thank all entrants and congratulates the selected artists for participating in the Luc Tuymans Challenge.

Luc Tuymans: Intolerance will be on show at Qatar Museums Gallery ALRIWAQ until 31 January.

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It was a pleasure to participate with this art competition . Thank you QATAR MUSEUMS!!

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