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Open to all, the festival will include a wide array of fun-filled activities that will cater to both children and adults.

These will range from photography and graffiti art, movie screenings, musical performances from the acclaimed Samba Chula de Sao Braz and Bloco de Carnival groups to street food stalls, and much more!


The festival is part of the Qatar Brazil 2014 Year of Culture, which aims at establishing a lasting dialogue between the two countries through culture, community and sport.

It will celebrate the rich diversity of Brazil, in an effort to bolster greater understanding of the country’s intricate history and traditions.  


Qatar Brazil 2014 strives to strengthen bilateral relations and create lasting partnerships between Qatar and Brazil by working with partners and sponsors to bring exhibitions, festivals, competitions, and other cultural exchange activities to both countries.

We hold similar exchanges annually, in partnership with Qatar's Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.



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