The Big Draw: The Line in the Deutsche Bank Collection


Sun-Thu, 29 October-2 November

Sun-Thu, 19-30 November

Sun-Thu, 7-11 January


8:30am-11:00am;  9:30am–12:00pm 

Location:  Fire Station Education Studio #4



It all begins with a drawing. The architect makes a sketch for a new house, the musician draws notes for a composition, and animated films consist of millions of individual images. Many drawings from the Deutsche Bank Collection have been brought together in the Fire Station to tell us their stories, to amaze and move us. Can a line dance, be lazy or excited? Can a dot also be a sound? Which techniques can we recognize, and are there links to Islamic calligraphy? But passive viewing isn’t enough—we become active ourselves. We use and discover drawing as way to act spontaneously and react quickly to ideas. We wield the pencil in our research journals and our thoughts begin! During the tour of the exhibition we make speed drawings, graffiti, and copies inspired by Baselitz, Immendorff, and Brandburg. In the workshop directly following it, we develop a drawing cosmos on long rolls of paper. Don’t be afraid of the empty sheet: everything is allowed!

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