Cultural heritage

Keeping history alive

From Bronze Age settlements to medieval palaces, 19th century forts, villages, towers and mosques, the archeology and conservation team excavate, restore and protect the parts of Qatar that flourished long ago.

We put local communities, young and old, in touch with their past, reminding them of the skills,  wisdom, and struggles of their ancestors.

Al Zubarah, Al Jassasiya and Barzan Towers are open to visitors 9am-3pm Sunday-Thursday, with precautionary measures in place. The Old Palace at National Museum of Qatar is currently closed. Visiting information for other sites may be found in the PDF below.

Keeping History Alive - Guide to Heritage Sites
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Pushing the field

Our Cultural Heritage division covers archaeology, architectural conservation, and cultural tourism. We manage, conserve, protect and enhance archaeology and archaeological practices in Qatar.

To progress the archeology field more generally, we invite conversations with the international community. We regularly welcome specialists from other parts of the world, hold conferences and engage in international cooperative projects. In June 2014, Qatar hosted the 38th Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, and QM was a key partner.

Visitors will be introduced to the historical heritage of the region…Storyline, displays, catalogue, prints and photos offer a valuable learning experience
Faisal Abdulla Al Naimi, QM Director of the Department of Archaeology
Excavation activity in old Doha

We design activities at our visitor centres that urge interaction and get residents excited about our discipline. We place special focus on school groups and partnered with UCL Qatar to introduce archaeology degree programmes to university students. These will open up possibilities for locals with an interest in the subject to get involved in the safeguarding of Qatar’s cultural heritage.

Our archaeology team works in other parts of the world too, sharing knowledge and experience. This helps us enter broader dialogue about the discipline and extends our research prowess. Read more about one of these projects, Qatar-Sudan Archaeology Project, which aims to develop research and protect heritage in the Republic of Sudan.



What We're Doing

Cultural Heritage Management

We engage in archaeological field work daily and are continuously excavating and conserving heritage sites across Qatar.

Settlements of Qatar

Remains of ancient settlements can be found across Qatar, offering an insight to previous times.

Al Zubarah

Recently made a UNESCO World Heritage site, Zubarah allows us to discover Qatar’s cultural identity.

Towers of Qatar

These provide fantastic vistas of the world below, as well as space to connect the Qatari people to the lives of their ancestors.

Forts of Qatar

Scattered across the nation, forts offer a glimpse of a time when tribes were constantly on alert for invading armies.

Wells of Qatar

Though no longer the indispensible springs they once were, Qatar’s wells are important sources for us and a tool for our research.

Cliffs, Carvings and Islands

As well as Qatar's ancient settlements, towers and forts, there are unique and interesting sites across the country to marvel and explore.

New life for old Qatar

Our team reinvigorate historic areas and breathe new life into old buildings and mosques.

In Conversation

Hatem Arrok

Hatem is an archaeologist excavating in the heart of Doha
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