Acts of Creative Giving

Ramadan Mubarak

The act of giving in Islam is encouraged more during the month of Ramadan, as good deeds are held with a higher value.

During the Holy month, most Muslims will donate money, send food or give to charitable organisations. While these acts are undoubtedly beneficial, we're encouraging you to go further this year. This year, we encourage you to donate your time. 

My Creative Ramadan

As the Holy Month of Ramadan draws to a close, we hope you were able to take part in creative giving.

As the last act of giving, why not try number 20 on our list - Polaroids make a great Eid cards and then #MyCreativeRamdan

Wishing you Eid Mubarak

Let us know what your creative donatations are and share them on our social media hub.

Need Some Inspiration?

1.   Teach someone to say Ramadan Kareem in your language
2.   Do a chore that you don't normally do
3.   Share a playlist of your favourite readings and prayers 
4.   Place some oud at your local mosque
5.   Aid an elderly with technology
6.   Smile, just because
7.   Share a secret recipe
8.   Gift a book to a friend
9.   Put grains and water out for birds
10. Give up your parking spot
11.  Pray for someone 
12.  Wake colleague up for work
13.  Gift this Ramadan calendar to a friend
14.  Share Ramadan stories with family
15.  Decorate for Granagao
16.  Volunteer at a local charity
17.  Have a special skill? Tutor someone!
18.  Fill up empty bottles with Vimto and hand them out
19.  Organise a creative gathering
20.  Polaroids make great Eid cards 
21.  Organise an open Iftar
22.  Donate extra craft supplies
23.  Message a compliment to a contact
24.  Design an Eid dress for someone 
25.  Hand-painted iftar plates!
26.  Help an elder at Taraweeh
27.  Let someone ahead of you
28.  Bought new, donate the old
29.  Hand-written poems are eternal
30.  DIY Eid gift-wrapping

Need to Keep Track?

Download our Acts of Creative Giving Calendar to make sure you're on track throughout this month!


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