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Silks from the Silk Road - Chinese Art of Silk

24 March 2016 – 9 May 2016

Location: QM Gallery, Katara

This is the second major exhibition of the Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture, and presents silk as a theme, and as a special local product of Zhejiang that played an important role in trade along the Silk Road.
The exhibition highlights ancient and modern Chinese silk works, with around 100 pieces due to be showcased at the QM Gallery in Katara over a period of 6 weeks.
The exhibition aims to map out the history of silk and its cultural significance over thousands of years, and allows visitors to experience the charm of contemporary Chinese silk.

QM Gallery Katara

The QM Gallery is an intimate venue for public art projects in Katara Cultural Village. With theatres, concert halls and restaurants, Katara bustles with activity and invites people from different backgrounds to interact.

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8 December 2016
سجّل اليوم في برنامج بطاقتك إلى الثقافة واستمتع بعرض خاص وحصري في متاجرنا لبيع الهدايا
8 December 2016
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8 December 2016
بعد النجاح الذي حصدته فعالية البحث عن الكنز في متاحف قطر، سوف نكرر التجربة، لكن بشكل أكبر وأفضل هذه المرة!…
8 December 2016