QM Gallery Katara

Connecting people with art

The QM Gallery is an intimate venue for public art projects in Katara Cultural Village. With theatres, concert halls and restaurants, Katara bustles with activity and invites people from different backgrounds to interact.

Nestled amongst other buildings, the QM gallery is a casual place that lends itself to weekend browsing. The art is always a talking point, but location and atmosphere are as important.

It is also a platform for Qatar’s emerging museums to present their collections and projects.

Personal connection

The venue hosts local and international artists whose work centres around human themes. Though mediums vary, the content always connects with people on a personal level. The space is designed for individual contemplation, meaning visitors reflect beyond the gallery.

Recent highlights include Yan Pei Ming’s portraits of well-known Arabs as a medium for recording history; Francesco Vezzoli’s unveiling of the anguish behind overtly content female icons; and Brigitte Lacombe’s photographic exploration of female athletes in the Arab world.

Opening Hours

QM Gallery Katara is open daily, except Sundays

  • Monday to Thursday 10am to 8pm
  • Friday 3pm to 9pm
  • Saturday 10am to 8pm


Our Blog

21 March 2016

What about the art? Well, What about it?

Talks by Cai Guo Qiang the Curator, and Xu Bing and Wan Jienwei, two prominent artists featured in the exhibition What about the art? took place on 13 March at MIA.

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27 April 2016

Tours of the National Museum of Qatar

A series of exclusive tours for Qataris, exploring the new National Museum have been taking place.  

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12 January 2016


As a part of Tuymans' Intolerance exhibition, Qatar’s creative community were challenged to express their views of world events though art. Here are the winning pieces.

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