Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

An Arab perspective on modern art

Mathaf celebrates the modern and contemporary, showcasing art created in Qatar, the Middle East and the international Arab diaspora.

It’s a boundary-breaking museum that asks the local community to celebrate the present-day creativity of the Arab world. It is one of the most engaging, contemporary, and lively museums within our group.

It’s an informal space to be used, not just visited. Beyond its galleries, it brings people together to learn, share ideas and enter debate. From conversations with artists to the creative internship programme, Mathaf Voices, Mathaf helps you deepen your relationship with art of our time.

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A platform for new talent

Mathaf celebrates art students through its annual competition and exhibition. They’re asked to explore contemporary themes, taking inspiration from past and present shows.

This year, the competition is open to every school in Qatar. They’re invited to submit student artworks around the theme, ‘black and white’. The best will be displayed around the building and beyond in spring 2014.

My challenge is to open dialogue through art, without making it confrontational.
Abdellah Karoum, Director of Mathaf
Art is the basis of change in society. It is our duty to show the artists tackling the idea of freedom in the Arab world today.
Abdellah Karoum, Director of Mathaf
We want the next generation to be interested in the arts. Art is more than a painting; it’s a lifestyle, a behavior I live every day.
Ahmed Al Haddad – Qatari artist
Meet some of our Mathaf Voices

Our Blog

21 March 2016

What about the art? Well, What about it?

Talks by Cai Guo Qiang the Curator, and Xu Bing and Wan Jienwei, two prominent artists featured in the exhibition What about the art? took place on 13 March at MIA.

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12 January 2016


As a part of Tuymans' Intolerance exhibition, Qatar’s creative community were challenged to express their views of world events though art. Here are the winning pieces.

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1 February 2016

New art at the Airport

We've recently installed two new permanent pieces which are now on display for passengers and visitors to enjoy at the airport.

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