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Qatar Museums invites applications for iNTIMA Associates, under their newly introduced iNTIMA ProgramiNTIMA is an Arabic word which means a sense of belonging- a word that is appropriate to express/exercise a choice to belong to or be associated with a place of work, profession, sector or culture.
This program aims to establish a mutually rewarding and engaging relationship between the Museums and Community; wherein QM provides an opportunity for young, emerging and aspiring talents and members of the public to explore and engage with QM’s cultural fabric, nurture their skills and generate interest in this sector. The program is about offering opportunity, relation building, creating interest and ambassadorial representation for QM.

iNTIMA Associates will be engaged with QM for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months to learn a new skill or develop their professional capabilities. The program will introduce them to the working environment, the art world, and help them acquire skills to make informed career choices including working with QM. 
iNTIMA Programs are advertised twice a year and offered for the following periods:

January to June – Call for Applications will be opened in November
July to December – Call for Applications will be opened in May  

Target audience:
Local Community 18+ years, with minimum High School Diploma, looking for workplace experience opportunities or have skills and professional interests that relate to QM.

Certificate of Experience:
Upon successful completion of the program iNTIMA Associates shall receive a Certificate of Experience including, number of hours worked and experience gained in specific fields of the Museum.
Please submit your application for an iNTIMA Program, based on your areas of interest:

Application Deadline: 15 December 2019

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