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Dia Al-Azzawi: A Retrospective (from 1963 until tomorrow)

Until 16 April, 2017

Location: 2- QM Gallery Al Riwaq

QM will present a monograph of one of the most renowned modern artists of the Arab world: Dia Al-Azzawi. The exhibition, showcasing over 546 works across fifty years and a range of media, aims at mapping an itinerary of modernism and profiles the practice of the Iraqi artist. Curated by Catherine David, the exhibition is scheduled to open 16 October 2016 at Mathaf and 17 October at Al Riwaq.

About the artist

Dia al-Azzawi belongs to a generation of artists and intellectuals who were galvanized in their youth by the politics of Arab nationalism but crushed by the violence of dictatorship brought about by politics. His practice developed in response to that violence, becoming in the 1970s a witness to the various forms of oppression that broke out across the Arab world.

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19 January 2017
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19 January 2017
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18 January 2017
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18 January 2017