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Ismail Azzam displays his work at QM Gallery Katara

This new, enchanting exhibition, For Them, showcases Ismail Azzam's distinctive ‘reverse charcoal’ portraits of painters and sculptors who have made a significant contribution to the Arab art world, with the entire body of work created exclusively for the show.


Jassem Zaini, Qatari painter (1942 - 2012). Charcoal on paper, 200cm x 200cm, Private Collection.
Ismail Azzam with Mohammed Zaini, son of late Qatari Artist Jassem Zaini

Visit Ismail Azzam's For Them at QM Gallery Katara daily, except Sundays. The gallery opening times are: 

Monday to Thursday 10am to 8pm

Friday 3pm to 9pm

Saturday 10am to 8pm


Abdel Badie Abdel Hay (2015), 168cm x 148cm, charcoal on paper. Private collection.

Learn more about Ismail Azzam's work and his latest exhibition here and make sure to share your thoughts and pictures through our social media hub!


Mustafa Al Hallaj (2015), 168cmx148cm, charcoal on paper. Private collection.

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Yes ...Its been really a great experience for me like a visitor who came here to spend our summer vacation. We went to Qatara and happened to see those marvellous Drawings of Ismail Azzam in Charcol. I don't know well to draw, but am a great fan of Art of any kind. Am really astonished of those masterpieces coz even though they came in front of me of their own, I couldn't been able to believe that they were drawn by a Human. That much divine touch is in each of his masterpieces. I know ..I konw i wrote little bit more on them, pardon me for that, because even now I'm that much exaggerated. Hearty congratz to you sir/ Ismail Azzam, and thanks a lot to you too Mr. Mohammed Zaini for your effort.
I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! kbekfadbccgg
Really Ismail Azzam is great artist. Such a marvelous portrait I never seen. Best of luck. Can I get his email address ? Because I am an artist. I want to clarify some doubts with him.

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