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IDAM captures the essence of seasonal flavours, the autumn menu harvests from the freshest locally sourced dates to the finest imported baby beetroots. The famous cookpot dish, which is served across all Alain Ducasse restaurants, comprises seven vegetables lightly spiced. Its autumn version includes pumpkins, carrots and fennel. 

IDAM never fails to offer its guests an ever-renewed journey of culinary discoveries. 


Do not miss the chance to try the exquisite drinks available at IDAM. Dedicating special attention to crafting non-alcoholic beverages, the barmen work alongside the chefs in creating the perfect match with the food creations. The use of local flavours, spices, and fruit is a must and enrolls the drinks into a whole new tasting experience. 


IDAM’s inspiration comes from extensive travels to the flavourful culinary cultures of Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, the Middle East, and India. The menu pays tribute to the local culinary culture. In other words, what is served is French Mediterranean haute cuisine with a mix of taste and spices from the Middle East.

The menu takes its inspiration from the produce. It reflects Alain Ducasse’s culinary philosophy: the taste of essential, a quest for the origin of flavour that gives each produce its best role.

With an amazing location at the heart of MIA and breath taking views of the city, make sure to book your next culinary experience at IDAM and let us know your thoughts through our social media hub!

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