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This fall, we have lots of new exhibitions to look forward to, and new artists to enjoy. We are particularly excited to see Mathaf's fall exhibitions.

In November, Mathaf will present works by Shirin Neshat. Neshat is an Iranian-born artist, film-maker and photographer, whose work explores notions of femininity. You can actually already see one of her peices in the museum's permenant collection, Stories of martyrdom.

Mathaf will also bring us an exhibition from their permenant collection, Summary, Part 1, giving value to the heritage of Arab modernities within an international context with a selection of works produced from the twentieth century.


Stories of martyrdom, 1994, Shirin Neshat

Before that, in September, MIA will show The Tiger's Dream: Tipu Sultan special exhibition.

Also on display will be the second installation of Building Our Collection: Mughal and Safavid Albums, an exhibition that explores why MIA collects artworks, and how its acquisition and exhibition practices shape people’s understanding of Islamic art.

Read more about MIA's Building Our Collection.


Watch an introduction to the first in the series of Building Our Collection at MIA

Local Talent too

We'll also be showcasing Qatari Artists, in full-force.

At QM Gallery, Al Riwaq, our Qatar-Brazil 2014 Year of Culture will bring us Here and There by a group of Qatari and Brazilian artists.

At QM Gallery, Katara, we'll host Qatari artist Yousef Ahmed's exhibition, showcasing a precise selection of his most striking artworks from his early works in 1970s until today.

And in November, we invite our audiences to the second series of Mal Lawal.

We held the first Mal Lawal exhibitions in 2012 at Al Riwaq, and invited collectors and artists to showcase their peices in a hugely successful exhibition. Make sure you stay tuned to our blog to find out how collectors can register to showcase their work or collections at this year's exhibition.


Qatari artist Yousef Ahmed

Keep checking our Exhibitions for opening dates announcements and locations.

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