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Ankaboot - a new creative platform


Qatar Museums officially launched Ankaboot today at a press conference held at the Fire Station. 

Ankaboot aims to be the leading creative portal for Qatar and the region, where artists can gain international exposure, learn and engage, communicate and collaborate with one and other.


It's a unique online platform and interactive space for all things related to art and creativity in Qatar. It will connect artists with one another and with new audiences, and provide the local community with access to memorable artistic and cultural experiences.


QM's Jean Paul Engelen, Sheikha Maryam Al Thani, and Arif Saeed speaking at the Ankaboot launch today.

Meaning ‘spider’ in Arabic, the name relates to the web of connections that the new platform will provide to creatives across a range of disciplines, enabling them to promote their work, gain new audiences and build their profile within the country's cultural community. The platform will support collaboration by connecting like-minded individuals to develop concepts and ideas together. 

Commenting on the launch, Sheikha Maryam Al Thani, who first conceived of Ankaboot, talked about Qatar’s considerable progress in nurturing local artistic talent, from the breadth and depth of applications to the Fire Station Artist in Residence programme to the quality of the artwork on display at exhibitions such as Here There


Ankaboot is the ideal platform for building on this success and developing the next generation of cultural audiences and artistic producers.
Sheikha Maryam Al Thani

Start exploring: www.ankaboot.qa 


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